Academy Training
    Academy Training General Information
    RSPO Secretariat Sdn Bhd
    Master Training (MT)
    Kertijah Abdul Kadir
    Training Venue
    KIM 2 Musim Mas, Medan, Indonesia
    Training Materials and Languages Used
    SH Training Guide (ENG)Group Training Guide (ENG)Programme Design Guide (ENG)
    1.1 Benefits of being in a sustainability group1.2 Group membership1.3 Sustainable Palm Oil Market and Certification1.4 SOPs and ICS1.5 Looking at Legal Responsibilities (FPIC)2.1 Needs Assessment2.2 Harvesting2.3 IPDM2.4 Weed Management2.5 Fertiliser Selection2.6 Additional Livelihoods2.7 Financial Literacy2.8 Business Plan3.1 The Environment3.2 My Land - HCV Assessment3.3 What Makes My Farm Sustainable3.4 Planting Plan3.5 Water Management3.6 Peat Management3.7 Pollution Prevention Plan3.8 Meeting Environmental Standards for EIA4.1 Community Engagement4.2 Legal Labour Practices for Sustainable Farming4.3 Commitment to Ethical Conduct4.4 Health and Safety Plans (OSH)4.5 Health and Nutrition4.6 Social Inclusion5.1 Taking Stock5.2 Self-Assessment and New Groups5.3 Mock Audit5.4 Commitment to Continuing Improvement
    1. Introductions and Goal Setting2. Understanding the Group's Goal: Sustainability, Increasing livelihoods, and engaging with RSPO3. Managing a Group: Responsibilities and Requirements4. Towards Sustainable Oil Palm Production5. Internal Control System6. Implementation: Meeting the Required Training, Managing/Accessing Finances, and Guidance on Traceability7. Practical Exercises
    1. Before You Get Started2. Planning Your Smallholder Programme3. Assessing the Oil Palm Smallholder Field4. Programming for the Right Issues5.1 Building a Foundation of Trust and Fair Partnership5.2 Building and Strengthening Groups5.3 Tracking &amp Tracking and Mapping5.4 Increasing Access to Quality Inputs5.5 Increasing Access to Knowledge and Technical Support5.6 Increasing Market Access5.7 Increasing Access to Finance5.8 Obtaining Certification5.9 Strategies for Scaling Impact6 Designing Training &amp Knowledge Dissemination7. Developing your Monitoring &amp Evaluation Approach
    After the Training: Photos, Reporting, Evaluation, Comments
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